1. History

Founded in as early as the 1976s, ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural Joint Stochồng Company – ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural (formerly Seajoteo Vietnam) prides itself on one of the pioneer enterprises, representing for innovation, with a mission lớn bring seafood-based processed products of outstanding unique and high nutrition to the market.

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Over the past 40 years of construction & development, ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural has affirmed its values through endeavors in công nghệ innovation, know-how accumulation, management, staff & workers’ skills improvement.

Our products have had their presence virtually across all continents, meeting a variety of customers’ needs ranging from active sầu lớn demanding clients for products’ quality & nutrition. Top export markets include European (France, Belgium, Netherlands,…), Japanese, USA, Australian, UAE… markets along with local distribution channel through supermarkets, food services such as BigC, Coop Mart, Metro, Vinmart, Lotteria, Pizza Hut, Seoul Garden, Circle K…

With our achievement reached so far, we have the solid foundation for further and wider business expansion to lớn ngaothe.vnculture and confidently have sầu the name changed lớn ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural adopted in early 2015. This opens up, along with the mix out goals and missions, a new area for growth và turns a new chapter in company’s history, i.e., ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural Joint Stoông xã Company ngaothe.vncultural‘s development is proudly a companion with Vietnam’s competitive sầu advantage.


ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural has affirmed the choices through a khẩu hiệu “TRUST YOUR CHOICES” và commits to always sharing those choices to our customers, partners.

2. Assets và infrastructure

ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural currently owns 4 processing factories, i.e. pangasius and value added products, with a workforce of more than 2,000.

Strategically located in the heart of raw materials’ hub, HHA pro-actively meets its demand for raw materials of high unique and export standard.

Total area: 65.143 m2, factory’s area: 16,556 m2.

Venture capital: 211,012,440,000 VNĐ.

Freezing capacity: 70 tons of finished products per day (5 Steel belt freezers (IQF), 3 re-freezers, 8 Air Blast freezers, 9 tương tác freezers, 5 Flake Ice Makers)

Cold Storage’s capacity: 3,950 tons

Machinery for seafood industry use: grinding machine, mixing machine, steaming machine, frying machine, metal detector…

Microbiological-chemical laboratory: material, water & products’ analysis as per industrial, national, and customers’ standard.

Apart from these, there are precious assets to us, that is, a pool of doctors, professors and more than 700 engineers and skilled workers dedicated lớn research and production for high unique products.

Certificates: ISO 22000, BRC, HALAL, HACCP.., SSOP-GMP, ASC.

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Certificate for industrial hygiene & safety issued by Ministry of Fisheries

EU approved code: DL01, DL239, & DL157

Product chất lượng is vital khổng lồ ngaothe.vn ngaothe.vncultural, which makes us consecutively enhance the satisfactory for our clients.