In this article, We will know How to Download & Install brother HL-L2321D Printer Drivers on Windows and Ubuntu environments.

Bạn đang xem: Driver máy in brother hl-l2321d


8. Now’s you can see installing process has been start.

9. Cliông xã Next on User’s Guided.

10. Clichồng Next on Environment advice Options.

11. Cliông chồng on Next cài đặt is complete page.

12. Finish.

How to Download và Install brother HL-L2321D Printer Drivers on Ubuntu?

To Download & Install, Brother HL-L2321D Drivers on Ubuntu follow these steps-

Navigate to lớn browser và type –https://tư vấ the address bar & press OS family type Linux, select OS version, và OK.

3. Cliông chồng on Driver install Tool & accept kết thúc user licence agreement.

4. Save sầu the Download File.

5. Copy the name of Download tệp tin và navigate to Terminal.

Before Download you need to Extract the File. To extract ZIP file run following command on Terminal.

gunzip (File name with extension) linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.2-2.gz & press enter.

Xem thêm: Xem Phim Huyền Thoại Biển Xanh Tập 1 Thuyết Minh, Huyền Thoại Biển Xanh

6. after extract zip file follow following commands-

Login as super user –subởi su

type – bash(File name without extension) linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.2-2 (brother machine name) HL-L321D & press enter.

7. Now Installation Process has been started and follow the instruction process of Installations.

FAQ: brother HL-L2321D Printer

Q.1. What is the number of brother printer customer care in India?

Ans. You can Gọi at the following number as brother printer customer care-Phone1800-222-422.Toll-Free Number- 1800-209-8904Note:- You can Gọi on Monday lớn Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Q2. What is Toner’s name of brother HL-L2321D Printer?

Ans. Toner’s name of brother HL-L2321D Printer is –TN-2365.

Q.3. What is the printing tốc độ of the Brother HL-L2321D printer?

Ans. The speed of brother HL-L2321D printer is 30PPM

Q.3. What is the mặc định warranty period of the Brother HL-L2321D printer?

Ans. The default warranty period of Brother HL-L2321D printer is 1 year but can extended warranty from protected plan.

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